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We regularly advise States, government agencies and public entities in the drafting and revision of their PPP legal frameworks and policies, and their sectorial regulations such as in transportation, energy and infrastructure.

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Currently advising a Western African Government on the operationalization of a PPP Unit

Advising African national Port Agency  on the legal framework of a free trade zone along a major regional port

Advising an African Transportation authority on the legal feasibility of parking under a PPP scheme

Advising a PPP Unit in Ivory Coast on the drafting of a toolkit for the PPP Unit

Advising the Djibouti Chamber of Commerce on the legal framework of the port installations

Advising a West African National Port Authority in Gabon  in reviewing the Ordonnance on Ports and by-laws

Study for an North-African State and an international financial company of a Private-Public partnership framework and privatization project

Advising a West African State on the port sector and the re-negotiation of concession contracts (Gabon)

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 Le Nouveau Code Minier remplace la Loi n°2012-015 en date du 27 février 2012 (ancien Code minier). Comme dans de nombreux pays miniers de l’Afrique Sub-Saharienne, …

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Création du réseau Junction

Hugues de La Forge et Sally El Sawah annoncent la création de Junction, un réseau non exclusif d’avocats et de cabinets indépendants. …

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